Review: Calling Her Bluff
Entangeled Press/Lovestuck

November 2015
REVIEWER:   Janet Caldwell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Bestselling romance writer Kamaria Wilson’s trip to Las Vegas brings her face to face with the realization she is finally being acknowledged as a gifted romance writer. However, visiting Sin City is bittersweet as it prompts her to revisit a darkness she doesn’t care to experience again.

The novel opens with our heroine, Kamaria, in a nondescript bar drinking solo when a phone call from her agent announces she is now a New York Times bestselling author.  Her first instinct is to take the unconventional advice of her agent and celebrate with a one-night stand. The man she has been eyeballing across the room would be ideal. The news from her agent is so riveting that it visibly affects her to the extent that it attracts the attention of the Adonis she had been ogling.

The hottie, Jack Alderisi, approaches Kamaria to ensure she is alright since she is staring at her blank phone screen and mumbling expletives. He offers Kamaria assistance after noticing her stunned expression. Kamaria glances up to see the real life version of her romance novel cover model. The resemblance is uncanny. Remembering what her agent suggests, “you write about romance, but you’re scared to have any of your own”, she offers him a drink and a night, the memory of which only stays in Vegas. He admits that one-night stands aren’t his thing, but he’s attracted to her impulsive and sweet nature. At this point in his life, he needs a diversion and Kamaria fits the bill.

The setting of Las Vegas is suitable for the storyline. Kamaria’s deceased grandmother greatly impacts this story because her love of romance novels inspired her to be a writer. Jack’s mother, grandmother and sister are his motivators and impact the type of man he is. Kamaria’s agent, Chasity, is the catalyst to her flame. Kamaria and Jack meet by happenstance, but share an unmistakable chemistry and a common dislike for the negative influence of Las Vegas.

This is the first novel I have read by
Kaia Danielle. It is a short, sweet, sassy and humorous interracial novel with a compelling back story. Danielle is a skillful new author that will certainly attract a loyal following. I enjoyed CALLING HER BLUFF.  I invite you to experience love Las Vegas-style - the possibility of finding true love may be worth the gamble.

8th February 2016 |