Review: Seduced by Mr Right
Harlequin Kimani/Romance
March 2015
REVIEW: Emilio Morretti is consumed with self-blame. It’s the reason he wallows in a deep depression and lives as a recluse evading life, his family and most importantly his career as a successful race car driver. Pamela Yaye’s fourth installment in THE MORRETTI MILLIONAIRES series is a dark tale of overcoming demons that latch on and squeeze the life out of you … if you allow it.

As a third generation race car driver, Emilio is a quick tempered confirmed bachelor with a fancy for models and exotic sports cars. All this comes to a halt with his nephew’s death.  Emilio loved the five year old as if he were his own. He sequesters himself in his house limiting his excursions outside to avoid family, the public and the media.  As a result, his manager/best friend hires a life coach to bring him out of this funk.

Sharleen Nichols is the life coach specializing in grief and trauma hired to help Emilio get his “life back on track”. She draws upon her personal ordeal with grief to help others. Experienced, talented and attractive, Sharleen senses an immediate and unnerving attraction to her new client. As a result, she questions if a professional relationship can be maintained with this Italian Adonis.

SEDUCED BY MR. RIGHT is the story of two people from very different backgrounds sharing a common bond - coping with loss. On the surface, empathy makes Sharleen the ideal coach for Emilio; however, she harbors a secret that permeates her armored exterior exposing an imperfection and a fragile heart. Other characters impacting this story include Emilio’s deceased nephew, Lucca; his manager, Antwan; his spoiled sister, Francesca and her friend Ginger; Sharleen’s best friend, Jocelyn, and irritating coworker Brad. The primary setting for the story is Greensboro, Georgia and nearby Atlanta.

Before reading this novel, I knew little about the role of a life coach and questioned why Yaye chose this treatment for Emilio rather than a psychiatrist.  A few clicks on the internet provided the clarification that Yaye should have included. Given the depth of Emilio’s grief, I was surprised by the rapid progression of their relationship from professional/client to something more personal. Despite these concerns, I like Emilio and Sharleen as a couple.

THE MORRETTI MILLIONARES series includes passionate biracial relationships with complementing storylines. For fans of the series, Yaye remains loyal to this storyline and promises more Morretti Millionaires in the near future.

1st April 2015 |