Review: Hooked On You
HOOKED ON YOU - Reon Laudat
Independently Published
June 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: It’s a treat to visit Mistywood Lane again, and checkout the latest slow-burn, best friends-to-lovers story. Preston Holmes and Zoe Rollins have been besties since elementary school. In this story, they are now also neighbors on Mistywood Lane. I love how the story begins! The quirky Zoe is engaged to be married to Dante Gregory, teacher, an up and coming artist. On a search for a bridal gown, she has her bestie and “Best Dude” with her to help. Best Dude? Yeah, you read correctly. It’s Preston, the Man of Honor, in her wedding party. The story takes off from there, as Zoe struggles with coming up with “The” wedding gown that she and Preston both agree is the right one.

Talented author, Reon Laudat, has a twisted sense of humor that always makes an appearance in her writing through her characters. Not only that, but as a reader, in this story you will be pleasantly introduced to the world of crochet through Zoe’s character which is one of the author’s passions, along with cats, fitness and pop culture). They all come together very nicely, in a smooth flowing storyline. So, the title
HOOKED ON YOU, takes on a double entendre. In addition, I like the chemistry between Zoe and Preston. It sizzles, crackles and pops. As you can guess, something happens to Dante and Zoe’s wedding plans, that allows Preston and Zoe to finally become an official couple, 2.0, as Ms Laudat describes it. You’ll get that when you read the story. There are some serious moments in the story, as we learn about Preston and Zoe’s family history. I love best friends-to-lovers stories, because there’s not much that the couple doesn’t know about each other, except how deeply past events really affected them. Look for some of those revelations that influence Zoe and Preston in their love journey.

Since this is Book #4 of the series, the gang’s all here! The side characters, once major characters in their books, are present to provide support and advice to the major characters. Reese and Gabriel,
WELCOME TO MISTYWOOD LANE, Book #1; Quinn and Lance, HE COULD BE THE ONE, Book #2; just to name a few. Great character connections! Zoe and Preston’s HEA or should I say the HFN is quite satisfying.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading HOOKED ON YOU, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

12th July 2021 2021 |