Review:  The Perfect Deception
Kensington Dafina/Romance
December 2014
REVIEWER:  Brenda Maxwell | RATING: B+
REVIEW: We have all heard the saying - blood is thicker than water. Well, just exactly what does that mean? If someone tells you that enough times, will you believe it? Parents killed in a house fire, placed in foster care, separated from the only sister she knew. Married and divorced from an abusive husband, longing for the love of family and a good man is the life Jessica Bolton leads.

THE PERFECT DECEPTION, Lustisha Lovely’s second book in the Shady Sisters trilogy, introduces us to Jessica, Jacqueline (THE PERFECT AFFAIR) Tate’s sister. Sissy is in prison for murder and is seeking revenge against the one person responsible for her being there. What better way than to set up her sister with Nathan Carver, Sherri Atwater’s brother and then have Jessica kill him. Secondhand pain is just as good - right? The problem is Jessica falls in love with Nate and Nate loves her. This love stuff throws Sissy’s plan off kilter. It does not help matters that waiting in the wings is the ever-debonair Vincent Givens.

THE PERFECT DECEPTION reintroduces the main characters from THE PERFECT AFFAIR along with many new ones. The story does not just deal with an insane revenge scheme, but shows how far someone is willing to go to keep illusive dreams of family intact. Jessica wants to find peace in her life after a tumultuous childhood and early marriage. She wants children and happily-ever-after, but decides she wants the last remaining member of her biological family more. With Sissy continually whispering in her ear that Jessica owes her for saving her, Jessica finds herself caught in a web of confusion, distrust, misplaced loyalty, and on her way to murdering the man she loves.

Most of Jessica and Nate’s story takes place in Atlanta, with a vacation at Sherri’s beautiful Bahamas’ estate, where we also meet the gorgeous Develia Nixon.

Knowing she was being manipulated, my heart “kind of” ached for Jessica. As I read the story my brain kept trying to rush ahead to the “foregone” conclusion. I was shocked and you will be too. THE PERFECT DECEPTION is a murder in plain sight type of book. So when you buy it and sit down with a little snack to read it, be very careful. If you did not create the snack from fresh food and drinks you just purchased from the grocery store…... Cannot wait to see what happens next Ms Lovely.

1st May 2015 |