Review: Untamed Love
A NEW YORK KIND OF LOVE - Synithia Williams
Harlequin Kimani Romance
January 2016
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer | RATING:  A
REVIEW: First impressions can be lasting but when two people bent on expecting the worst of each other, discover the opposite; a remarkably and life-altering experience ensues.

Faith Logan’s entire life is consumed by her new role as caregiver to her ailing parents while working long hours as a nurse to keep them afloat financially.  The surprise win of an all-expense paid weekend trip to New York is very enticing but spending it with a narcissistic actor and the paparazzi, not so much. Irvin Free is all for using his celebrity status to support charities but when it includes a weekend fending off an overzealous fan; that is pushing his generosity.

With these preconceived ideas firmly in their minds, Faith and Irwin instantly rub each other the wrong way. As the weekend ensues, they begrudgingly realize their first impressions might be faulty. Faith offers a normalcy Irvin craves and she envisions a future with Irvin, she is too afraid to embrace.  Loving Irvin will take a leap of faith and while Irvin is ready to make the jump, Faith is uncertain she can. Their love can only survive if they take the plunge together.

Irvin and Faith’s story is a rapid romance with a fast-paced and engaging plot.  Their courtship is quick and intense but the story does not seem rushed and progresses at an enjoyable pace. Faith’s character is inspiring as she makes many personal and unselfish sacrifices. Irvin is a refreshingly normal guy despite his celebrity status. This seems due in part to his humble beginnings and appreciation for the people who help build his career.  Faith and Irvin are memorable characters and their connection and subsequent romance is heartwarming. The author deftly develops characters that are three-dimensional and believable.

Irvin is a Hollywood superstar, living in New York and Faith is from a small town in South Carolina. Without Faith winning the weekend getaway to meet Irvin, the chances of their ever encountering seems impossible.  In that respect it makes the distance and difference between their lives very significant.

Irvin and Faith’s first introduction portrays them from a combatant standpoint and therefore their communications are terse. As the story progresses; a subtle warmth takes over and this develops into an intimacy and easy communication neither expected.

A New York Kind OF LOVE is a warm and enjoyable novel.  I loved the easy flow and contemporary language. All the characters are likeable and relatable.  The setup for Faith and Irvin’s meeting is extraordinary and the overall experience of reading the novel is a welcome break from the ordinary.

4th April 2016 |