Review: A Passionate Love
A PASSIONATE LOVE - Delaney Diamond
Amaris Publishing

August 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: The eldest Bennett triplet, Cameron Bennett, is the sibling featured in this series of The Bennett Triplets of Atlanta, Georgia. Besides being a story about family, it is also a story that cleverly gives the reader an unconventional view of the hero-heroine relationship. The underlying theme that runs through this story explores the dynamic of the woman (Simone Johnson) being wealthier than the man (Cameron Bennett) and how this affects their relationship. If you are familiar with the author Delaney Diamond’s Johnson family series, Simone is a member of the uber-rich Johnson family, who make their fortune from the beer and restaurant industries.

When the story opens, Simone is relocating to Atlanta in order to oversee the philanthropic aspect of the Johnson Foundation. She is a world traveler, an excellent spokesperson for the many charitable contributions, and charitable events that represent her family. Cameron, on the other hand, the “old soul” of the Bennett bunch, co-owner with his siblings of a top-rated nightclub, somewhat ‘conservative’ in spending, and who is not hurting for money, lives a lifestyle that is no where near comparable to the heroine’s. Will the difference in their backgrounds have any impact on Cameron and Simone’s relationship? You bet. Will their obvious attraction to each other and eventual love for each other be enough to overcome that “money” conflict? Not if Simone’s mother has anything to do with it, and that’s all I’ll say about that. From their first date, a cooking class where you dine on the food you created, Simone is impressed with Cameron who does not try to impress her because of her wealth. From their first date, a hot love affair begins that only gets hotter and hotter as the story progresses, and proves that opposites do attract.

The minor characters, Mason and Harper, Cameron’s brother and sister who compose two-thirds of the Bennett triplets are present to offer advice and an ear to listen as their brother, Cameron tries to deal with the “little things” that accompany a relationship with a woman who has money, and has no problem spending it. Ella, Simone’s sister plays a prominent role in supporting her. On the other hand, Sylvie, Simone’s mother, is not as supportive or agreeable to Simone’s affair with Cameron; to the point of setting Simone up with someone who is more “suitable”. That scene in the restaurant where Simone and Cameron are on dates with other people is priceless. My goodness, that scene in the bathroom is H.O.T!

This is a great read! The fact that Delaney Diamond presents a different twist on the man- woman relationship creates a contemporary romance that is very believable. This is the second story that I’ve read in this series, and I have not been disappointed.
A PASSIONATE KISS, written by Sharon C. Cooper and this book, A PASSIONATE LOVE by Delaney Diamond are must reads for any follower of African American Contemporary Romance. Get them.  If the first two books are any indication, I can't wait to read the next book, A PASSIONATE NIGHT by Candace Shaw.

28th August 2016 |