Review: A Vow of Seduction
VOWS OF SEDUCTION - Nana Malone and Jamie Pope
Harlequin Kimani Romance
September 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: A VOW OF SEDUCTION is a great buy for two enjoyable stories that have destination weddings as the theme. This first story is Hot Night In The Hamptons (A) by Nana Malone. As the title implies, the reader is whisked away to the alluring scenery of the Hamptons where Elina Sinclair, the heroine, is maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding. The hero, Gabe Alexander, is the groom’s best man, and when Elina and Gabe meet, sparks fly immediately. The premise of this story centers around a one night stand that comes back to haunt Elina and Gabe.

Elina is an up and coming image consultant who is employed at Delilah Donovan’s Image Consultants. Elina has been working hard to get the opportunity to handle her very own case. Not inclined to romantic encounters, she tries to steer clear of Gabe’s advances, but to no avail. After the wedding festivities, she finds herself on a yacht, being entertained with karaoke, and she’s a goner. (You’ll get that when you read the story.) The conflicts that help drive the storyline surface from both the heroine and the hero. Elina has a wedding phobia that stems directly from her mother who has been married- wait for it- seven times. Gabe is trying to revamp his old “player” image in order to sustain funding for a movie he’s trying to produce. Guess where he ends up to revamp said image, and who is assigned to handle his case? Yep! It’s an uh-oh moment for sure.

The cast of engaging characters who support the heroine and hero are delightful. From their besties, Reese and Adam to the PR consultant partners, Delilah Donovan and Willow Green, they all shared in making this an entertaining story with a sizzling heat factor.

Seduced Before Sunrise (A) by Jamie Pope, the second novella, we are whisked away to the white sands and lush greenery of The Divino Rain Forest Resort in Costa Rica where Willa Arthur, the heroine, will be in attendance at her bestie’s, Virginia, destination wedding. When Willa arrives at the exotic wedding venue, she discovers that her first love, Marcus Simpson, is also one of the attendees and she doesn’t like it at all.

When they were high school sweethearts, Marcus humiliated Willa by rejecting her in front of his ‘boys’. Despite the years that have passed, Willa has never gotten over the hurt that she felt from that moment in time. Marcus decides to do what he does best, to ‘fix’ it. Really, that’s what he does for a living; he’s a Washington D.C. Political Fixer. Although he’s the best at what he does, he is not particularly fond of what he does. Willa is a successful mystery novel bestseller whose social life suffers from constantly meeting deadlines, and being cloistered in her home working on her next book. From the first chapter, it becomes obvious that they are still attracted to each other despite Willa’s protests, and the number of years that have passed.

Can Marcus ‘fix’ the problem between him and Willa, especially since she is quick to acknowledge that whatever occurs between them, they are just “familiar strangers”. Will their obvious chemistry give way to an HEA ending? Because this is a novella, the conflicts were handled quickly and succinctly. The minor characters are few, but they are supportive of the hero and heroine as they all recognize the passion emitting from the two ex-lovers.

Of the two novellas in this book, the  HEA of
Seduced Before Sunrise was the most satisfying. However, I enjoyed both stories, and I recommend A VOW OF SEDUCTION to all my fellow contemporary romance readers out there.

15th November 2016 |