Review: Any Way You Want It
ANYWAY YOU WANT IT - Farrah Rochon
Nicobar Press
February 2016
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Nyree Grant is consumed with accomplishing her goal of opening a full-service salon and spa in Maplesville and is oblivious to all obstacles in her path. Her obstinate brothers refuse to cooperate leaving her without a contractor and facing an unrealistic deadline.

Nyree and her friends spent many memorable hours in her Aunt Hazel’s hair salon in their youth. In homage to her deceased aunt, Nyree and friends - hair stylist Reesa Patterson, masseuse Cheyenne Bradley and make-up artist Amara Doucet partner to form “Any Way You Want It”, a full-service salon and spa.  Nyree is the only member of the group that doesn’t perform a service.  She uses her degree in chemistry to create organic hair and skincare products to sell in the spa. She plans to have the historic Greek revival house purchased for this venture renovated and
ready to open on what will be her Aunt Hazel’s 50th birthday. There is one huge problem.  She has no contractor to perform the extensive renovations since her brothers backed out of the project and prospects for another contractor who can meet her short timeline and small budget are slim.

Enter reluctant contractor Dale Chauvin.  He is coerced into the renovation job by his sister.  One look at Nyree and Dale’s hesitation vanishes.  Nyree isn’t shy about her immediate attraction to Dale and her desire to act on her impulses. Dale is intimidated by this aggressive, independent woman who he feels is out of his league.  He is a sulking ex-football player with a career ending injury who hasn’t made the best choices when it comes to life and women.

ANY WAY YOU WANT IT is Farah Rochon’s sixth novella in her A Moments in Maplesville series.  This is a sweet and humorous story about opposites colliding and realizing how much they complement each other. I loved this tale from beginning to end.  It’s Rochon at her best with just enough heat to warm the heart.

20th April 2016 |