Review:  Breaking Her Rules
Romance Management Inc.
JULY 2016
Brenda Larnell |  Rating: A
REVIEW: This novella begins with the wedding of Amara Harper and Noah Farrington, protagonists from a previous novel by Aja. It’s a fairy tale destination wedding set in Bridgetown, Barbados, and the bride, Amara, is observing the people who are present at her wedding. One of those people is the hero of this story, her brother-in-law, Joseph Farrington who is given the cold shoulder by the bride’s best friends. There is no doubt that Joseph is looking for companionship, but not with any of his sister-in-law’s friends. So, he moves on. Ironically at that same moment, just arriving on the island for a personal get-away and possibly a rendezvous (with the right man) where she can forget about all of the rules she set for herself regarding proper behavior is Savanah Burnett. Let the good times roll!

Joseph ‘Joe’ Farrington and Savanah ‘Chaka’ Burnett, the heroine, are instantly attracted to each other as they meet for the first time in a bar at the resort where the Harper/Farrington wedding reception is being held. That sensuous first sexual encounter is sizzling hot, and Joe literally abandons the wedding festivities to hang out with “the woman in the strapless yellow dress”. You’ll get that when you read the story. Savanah is known for not thinking things through and going with the flow, but now she has new rules for herself to go along with a new position in a new city. It just so happens that the new position is Supervisor at an advertising agency in Pittsburgh, the same agency where Joe works, and the same city where he lives. What is more, she is his boss. What are the odds?

I enjoyed
BREAKING ALL THE RULES a lot. It’s my introduction to the works of the author, and I like her style. The story is engaging, drawing the reader in from the first page, and the dialogue is crisp and contemporary. What is more, Aja is by no means shy or hesitant when it comes to her markedly descriptive sex scenes. The minor characters are composed of co-workers, Joe’s family members, a lively bunch who never hesitate to offer advice, and Savanah’s sister, Sofiya who is always there for her. I particularly like the ending which hints at a “happy-ever-after”, but promises a very happy now.

This is another winner for the
Hot Undercover Bosses series. Aja is a talented writer, and I look forward to reading more of her stories.

3rd July 2016 |