Review:  Clean Up Love
Romance Management Inc.
JULY 2016
Brenda Larnell |  Rating: A
REVIEW: A C Arthur sets her story in the town of Destine, Maryland, just outside Baltimore City. The town serves as the back drop for a contemporary romantic drama that features Mica Morgan, heroine, who comes to Destine from Paris to settle the final affairs of her estranged deceased father, and the hero, Nash Walters, the shop manager of Bellamy Motors, Mica’s father’s motorcycle bike shop. Along with the house that Bellamy “Bell” Anderson owned, Mica has inherited the shop that she discovers has been losing money. She is determined to find out what is causing the financial losses of her deceased father’s business by going undercover.

Upon her arrival at Bellamy Motors, Mica meets Nash who is immediately taken with the biracial beauty.  Nash doesn’t have a clue that the lovely Mica is his former employer’s daughter. She simply introduces herself as Mica, the accountant, sent by the lawyer of Bell’s estate to conduct an audit. Enter the shifty, Earl Banyon, the general manager who runs the shop and has plans of his own to sell it.  He resents Mica’s presence, but he knows that he must cooperate. Earl’s character is quite rude, and belligerent, and he makes you want to boo and hiss him. There’s nothing like a villain you love to hate. In spite of this, Mica manages to keep the charade going, even with Nash. On the other hand, Nash is also harboring a secret that he keeps from Mica. I will not issue any spoilers; you’ll have to read the story for yourself. With Mica’s desire to learn more about bikes, Nash steps in and delivers the line that begins a sensuous night together, “Come ride with me”.

There’s another character who adds another layer to this story. That character is Nash’s brother, Henley, who chooses to live his life on the wrong side of the law.  His consistent errant behavior and bad decisions not only negatively affects him, but also Nash. In spite of this, Nash has plans for his life, plans that not only include Mica, but also his bikes.

I must admit that I am a fan of A C Arthur’s stories. There is romance + drama+ a little mystery/suspense that = a great read.
COME RIDE WITH ME is no exception. This series is hot, and this story fits right in.  Enjoy the ride!

3rd July 2016 |