Review: Every Beat Of My Heart
EVERY BEAT OF MY HEART - Kianna Alexander
Harlequin Kimani Romance

June 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Ah, the Queen City, Charlotte, North Carolina, is once again the setting for this contemporary romance that features Rashad MacRae, avid Thelonious Monk fan, keyboardist and lead singer of the jazz quartet, Queen City Gents. His soul-mate, Lina Smith-Todd, is an attorney and partner at the law firm of who has trust issues when it comes to Rashad.

As the story opens, Rashad and Lina are no longer together, but their relationship is rekindled when they meet at an auction for a piano previously owned by Thelonious Monk, one of the most influential figures in the history of jazz. Rashad bids on the piano for himself, and Lina bids on the gold embellished instrument for her mother who is a Monk fan. The storyline of
EVERY BEAT OF MY HEART has an illuminating music motif that runs through it that makes a direct connection to Rashad, a music man; he sings, plays the piano, and is inspired by the musical genius of Thelonious Monk. In addition to this, Rashad’s heart beats for the lovely Lina whom he vows to reclaim as his. However, before that can happen, they each must release and reveal those issues that are blocking them from a life together. Lina’s concern is that Rashad is not completely honest with her. Because of a disastrous first marriage, Lina is adamant about Rashad being completely open in their relationship. Rashad’s unwillingness to allow himself to be completely open with Lina stems from the negative influences of an overbearing and mean-spirited wealthy grandfather whom Rashad rejects. However, he later recognizes, with the help of his sibling, Simone, that he must ‘come clean’ to Lina about his “back-up plan”. I’ll leave that right there, and let you discover what that means when you read the book. So, who gets the winning bid for the piano? Sorry, no spoilers.

The minor characters include the other three members of the Gents, particularly Darius, the hero of the first book of this series
THIS TENDER MELODY, and Rashad’s family members, who lend their advice and support. Likewise, Lina’s mother and girlfriends come to the aid of the heroine with their encouragement and comfort. They also represent a great cast of characters who help nudge the hero and heroine closer to their HEA.  Speaking of the hero and heroine, their chemistry is so H-O-T that you might want to keep a fan close by.

I enjoyed this story. Author Kianna Alexander did a creditable job of providing some engaging jazz history that connected the storyline to the setting. Although this is the second book of the series, it can be read as a stand-alone.  However, I always encourage readers to read all the books that are a part of any series because it creates a realistic connection with the characters. 
EVERY BEAT OF MY HEART features the second Gent of the Queen City Gents. It’s a great read, and I recommend it. I wonder who will be next?

15th August 2016 |