Review:  Finding Kennedy
FINDING KENNEDY - Jacinta Howard
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May 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell| RATING:  A
REVIEW:  Soulful prose, dynamic characters, a love story combined with music and just enough angst on the side unite to make FINDING KENNEDY a memorable and moving story that features a group of millennials finding their way and charting their course to their life’s dream of making it big in the music world.

When the book begins, we find Kennedy driving from her hometown in Colorado to her grandmother’s home in Texas. She is running from something, but it is not revealed from what until later in the book. We also find that Kennedy is gifted musically, and music has helped her survive the trauma that has driven her to her grandmother. The Prototype is the name of the talented music group that the hero, Travis Broussard, is a lead member. The connection between Kennedy and Travis is so strong, so soulful, so intimate that the reader immediately understands that they have found their proverbial soulmate in each other. In spite of the tragic life altering occurrence that Kennedy is trying to overcome, and in spite of romantic/sexual liaisons that Travis has been involved, it is inevitable that Kennedy and Travis find themselves in a relationship because the connection is so cogent. One of many memorable lines in the story that reveals a defining moment comes from Kennedy as she reflects about Travis: “He wasn’t just looking at me. He was looking into me, seeing me-my cracks, my breaks, the lines and scars that defined my soul now”.

The minor characters that Ms. Howard has chosen to surround her heroine and hero are dynamic, insightful, encouraging, talented and very realistic. Grandmother Pepper understands her granddaughter, Kennedy, and guides her to ‘finding’ her place in the world without being pushy. The members of the band, Prototype, (Jersey, Zay, Devin, Bam) are twenty-something, musically gifted, and close knit. I am not usually drawn to the Young Adult Genre, but this story has an element of maturity and purpose to these young people. Kudos to the author, Jacinta Howard. The playlist of music is on point, from Curtis Mayfield to Minnie Ripperton to Outcast. You can’t go wrong with those artists.

I love how the storyline flows as each chapter is told from eitherTravis or Kennedy’s point of view.
FINDING KENNEDY is a wonderful love story of loving oneself and finding love. I have a confession to make; I read this book as a stand alone. After reading FINDING KENNEDY, I am eager to read Book 1 that features Jersey and Zay’s story. I highly recommend FINDING KENNEDY; it is a good read.

5th June 2016 |