Review: Fool For You
FOOL FOR YOU - Rina Gray
Crimon Romance

July 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Melanie Foster and Damien Richards the protagonists of this contemporary romance have known each other, looked out for each other and yes, loved each other since they were kids. The story opens with them as adults living and working in New York City and still looking out for each other and still loving each other. However, there is a hitch in their relationship that causes Mel to initiate what she so aptly calls: Operation: I’m Gonna Make You Love Me. What could that ‘hitch’ possibly be to come between two people who have that kind of history together? Her name is Vanessa.

FOOL FOR LOVE a story that utilizes the friends-to-lovers theme brilliantly. In addition, the plot involves plenty of twists and turns to keep you turning the pages. The characters are so well-developed to the point that you begin to root for them, to boo them, and to really question some of their decisions. There are also some laugh-out-loud moments, along with some “oh no she didn’t” instances. Melanie and Damien overcome so many obstacles to get to their HEA. Damien’s fiancé, Vanessa, stands strong as the chief blocker. That Vanessa is a real piece of work who pulls out ALL the stops to keep Damien from Mel. Close behind her is Terrance, Mel and Damien’s long time “friend”. That Vanessa and Terrance truly deserve each other. I’ll leave that right there. Along with them, is Mel’s bestie, Tiana, who is there to provide an ear, advice, and a shoulder to cry on. Aunt Dean, Mel’s aunt, takes on the role of the stock character who steers Mel to a “come to Jesus” moment in her quest to become Damien’s one and only.

There is a subplot, however, that gets lost in the story arc, but it reappears as a loose end that the author succinctly ties up. Mel’s promising career as a sportswriter and Damien’s charitable work at a neighborhood center take a back seat to the mounting angst that the couple must overcome to come together. Nevertheless, I liked this story, and I think you will too. This is the first book I’ve read by author, Rina Gray, but I look forward to reading more.

23rd August 2016 |