Review:  Getting Schooled
GETTING SCHOOLED - Christina C. Jones
Warm Hues Publishing
January 2016
REVIEWER:   Barbara Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Author, Christina Jones sets GETTING SCHOOLED, the first installment of The Wright Brothers Series on a college campus. Blakewood State University is a very appropriate setting for this story since our heroine, Reese Alston and our hero, Jason Wright are both college students at BSU.

Reese is a graduate assistant working for her mother, Professor Imara Bryant, who is a dynamic side character. The initial encounter between Reese and Jason occurs when Reese grades a paper Jason submits for the professor’s class that he is enrolled. Jason disagrees with the grade he receives, and from this point it’s on. The snappy repartee between Reese and Jason serves as the catalyst to a very captivating relationship. Are they attracted to each other? You bet! Do they act on this attraction? Oh yes! In spite of the fact that Reese is in a relationship that as she admits is “shallow” and “about 65% sex and 35% actually liking each other”, Jason makes her an offer that she can’t refuse. Their relationship heats up, and as it does, we find that both characters have some very significant issues that they must deal with. I won’t interject any spoilers, but kudos to author Christina Jones for creating a main character with a timely issue that was unexpected, but relevant to the storyline.

The other characters debuted in this story might have minor roles, but they are quite dynamic in their own right. From Jason’s father (Joseph, Sr.) to Reese’s girlfriend, Devyn, and Imara, Reese’s mother, there is no doubt we will see them again in this series. Not to mention those other Wright brothers, Joseph, Jr. and Justin whom I’m sure will be featured in their own stories.

GETTING SCHOOLED is a well-written contemporary romance that embraces drama, comedy, as well as romance. A couple of quick disclaimers, first the dialogue is laced with profanity. However, it is not excessive, but it is authentic and contributes to the realism of the dialogue. Second, this is not a and they all lived happily ever after ending story. It is the first installment of a series, so we will assume that Reese and Jason will reappear later. Nevertheless, I enjoyed everything about this novel, and I am sure you will, too. I highly recommend it, and I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

4th January 2016 |