Review: Goddess Getaway
Sable SiStars Publishing

August 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: What an outstanding summer surprise! D. Camille presented this novella so that all of us who follow the series can catch up on what is happening with the Diamond goddesses of The Uncut Series. While we anxiously await the next book in the series, HER GUARDIAN, Trent and Callie’s story, we get to travel to Jamaica with the beautiful women of the series.

In Part I of the story, the ladies, Sage, Lily, Isabelle, Callie, Isis, Silver, Carolyn, Lavender, and Lotus are treated to a getaway by the men because they deserve a vacation from the children, grandchildren, husbands, and lovers, respectively. At least that’s what they were told. However, we know that sometime things are not as they appear to be. That’s a prominent theme that runs through this series. So, what is the real reason the men sent their women away? I’ll never tell. No spoilers. However, I will say that the reason is a matter of life or death and it involves mushrooms, and it must be handled. It’s day four of the getaway and Part 2 of the book when the women go to the market place to shop and support the local vendors that things really get a little too dangerous. Callie and Isis see two people who prompt the Diamonds to quickly make moves to get their women back home.

GODDESS GETAWAY is a novella, there is plenty of romance, mystery and intrigue. Once again we are left with unanswered questions. What information is Trent holding back from the Diamonds? Who’s sick and needs treatment? What does Lloyd (who first appeared in THE BULL) have to do with this? What are Dr. Camille Smith and the Justin Black look alike up to? On another note, after all the questions, there appear promises of a bright future for the Diamonds and their families…. More baby diamonds!

Thank you, D. Camille for another exciting read. The series just gets better and better. This story was entertaining and thought-provoking with some of the strongest heroes and heroines in African American romance. Not familiar with this author? Do yourself a favor and start with the first book of the series,
BLACK MAGIC - The Black Diamond Series Book 1. By the time you get to GODDESS GETAWAY, you’ll be a fan, too. You’re welcome!

1st October 2016 |