Review: Hard and Fast
HARD AND FAST - Raven Scott
Kensington Dafina/Romance
January 2016
REVIEWER:   Janet Caldwell | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: Raven Scott’s second novel in her Fortis romantic suspense series, HARD AND FAST, takes the team to Toronto, Canada where cybersecurity expert, Lucas Johnson is enlisted to halt the infiltration of Magnus Motorsports’ computer system and protect their revolutionary new technology.

Fortis is a team of highly trained protection and asset recovery specialists hired to deliver elite services to high-end clients.  Owners, covert operations specialist, Evan “Ice” DaCosta; former British MI5 agent, Sam Mackenzie and Lucas Johnson; command a team of specialized field agents, technicians and operations analysts formerly from all branches of elite government service.

A flirtatious encounter on his first evening in Toronto with a sharp-tongued golden-eyed beauty leaves this intellectual pretty boy breathless. His infatuation resurfaces as none other than Alexandria “Alex” Cotts, his new client’s lead design automotive engineer.

Lucas and his team’s security efforts to protect the Magnus Motorsports computer system quickly expand to include their top design automotive engineer.  It appears Alex’s new high performance electric drive motor, which promises to revolutionize the auto industry, could be a very profitable device in the wrong hands. However, Lucas’ attraction to Alex makes it increasingly difficult to know where to draw the line between protecting Magnus Motorsports and protecting Alex.

Raven Scott’s
Fortis Series has made me a romantic suspense fan!  The new installment, HARD AND FAST, includes adventure, intrigue and suspense - the same winning elements of the first novel, HARD AS ICE.  The Fortis Series focuses on multi-dimensional, strong independent characters.  Lucas is the sexy computer nerd who finally finds a career that benefits from his unique skills.  Alex’s male-dominated career causes her to feel the need to appear to be something other than what she is.  She is comforted that Lucas sees her as a woman and not an anomaly.  Not only are they intellectually compatible, but their chemistry is off the charts!

HARD AND FAST is a good addition to the series.  The storyline waned a bit in the middle, but Scott redeemed herself by pulling it together in the end for a satisfying conclusion.  One Fortis partner from the close-knit group remains and I look forward to the direction Scott takes with the story of bad-ass Sam Mackenzie.

4th January 2016 |