Review:  Her Kind of Man
HER KIND OF MAN - Elle Wright
Kensington Dafina/Romance
May 2016
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: In Her Kind of Man, love is muddled for a woman when one man let’s her go but another is determined to keep her at any cost.

Allina Parker is in love with long-time friend, Kent Smith, but he is reluctant to move beyond the friend-zone.  Determined to find happiness, Allina accepts the marriage proposal of a handsome pastor only to have her dreams dashed when his chameleon ways are exposed. Hurt and unable to believe her naivety; Allina turns to Kent for comfort and protection. This new development catapults Kent into action and he finally accepts that he and Allina may be amazing together.  Allina is elated that Kent is finally open to exploring something more.  Unfortunately, Allina’s ex-fiancé is raring for revenge and if he cannot have her; then no one can.

Her Kind of Man is attention-grabbing and opens on a heightened tone which is amplified throughout the plot.  The mix of romance and suspense is dispersed in perfect synchrony and this further holds the interest.

Most noticeable is the distinct personality of each character.  Allina is a very reserved small-town girl. Kent seems very cosmopolitan and worldly.  Allina represents the good church girl secretly in love with “bad” boy, Kent.  It would seem as if they have nothing in common but in actuality they complement each other very well. Allina acts as a grounding force for Kent and he provides the encouragement and support Allina needs to occasionally test the waters by stepping out of her comfort zone.

Michigan provides the backdrop for
Her Kind of Man, although a key part of the plot unfolds in Ohio. The dialogue is very every-day, conversational and modern. The characters frequently use urban vernacular and that also makes them more realistic.

Her Kind of Man feels like visiting old friends because Allina and Kent were first introduced in THE FORBIDDEN MAN and also featured in His All Night; all part of the Edge Of Scandal series.  While all the novels have some uniqueness, I cannot say I have a favorite because they are equally enjoyable. The characters are mostly irreverent, fun-loving but realistic problems that end with believable and fitting resolutions.  One mention is the character Caden who seems to be in a better place but I wonder whether Wright has a happy ending for him at some point.

15th May 2016 |