Review: His Loving Caress
Harlequin Kimani Romance

June 2016
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Ten years ago, Elle Lauren was poised to marry her childhood sweetheart, Braxton Chase, but he was a no show at their wedding.  Over the years Elle has ignored all Braxton’s long-distance apologies.  She goes on with her life without him.  Coming face to face with Braxton again forces Elle to realize that ten years has not erased her feelings for him.  It’s hard to forget a man she has loved all her life.  Feeling the pressure to get married when he was younger, Braxton leaves Elle, his soul mate, literally at the altar.  Braxton and Elle have always been able to talk to each other about anything.  Instead of going to Elle and expressing his feelings about their impending wedding, he leaves her confused and embarrassed to face their family and friends when he is a no-show on what should have been their special day.

Elle is a gifted designer who studied fashion design in Paris.  Over the years she has perfected her craft and is now a much sought after wedding gown designer.  Elle has made a wonderful life for herself sans the man she had envisioned would be by her side.  Although she misses him, she had to learn to live without him.

Braxton is a famous jazz pianist whose life in the limelight is marred by the fact that he doesn’t have the love of his life to share in his success.  Braxton has only himself to blame for choosing his music career over the only woman he has over loved.  In order to make his life complete he has to convince her to take him back.

The author did such a great job with
HIS LOVING CARESS.  Her writing is first rate.  Her description of Elle and Braxton’s feelings and thoughts are so detailed you can feel it in their interactions with each other.  They have a love and an unbreakable bond that transcends time. The storyline is good and flows effortless, very easy to follow.  Some of it may be predictable but a great story none the less.  I really love this series and Ms. Shaw never disappoints me.  So looking forward to the next one.

15th August 2016 |