Review: I Almost Forgot About You
Random House/Crown

June 2016
REVIEWER: Beverly Jackson| RATING:  A
REVIEW: Dr. Georgia Young, a 54-year-old optometrist, has an enviable life, a successful career, a showcase home and great friends and family. Yet the twice-divorced Georgia cannot still the restless and “life is passing me by” feelings plaguing her thoughts. So Georgia contemplates her past and the ways to jump start her life, should she sell her house, change careers, etc. When Georgia learns that the first man she fell in love with has died, a man she has erased from her memory she regrets missing a chance tell him how much he meant to her. So a plan is formed with the help of social media and her two BFFs at her side, Georgia will seek out the men she loved “just to let them know I’m glad I had the opportunity to know and love them and just to see if they’re alive and well.” As the unpredictable journey presents many types of second chances, the hardest one to face is the second chance of love with an unexpected partner. Will Georgia accept this challenge or will past expectations stifle the opportunity?

McMillan, a first-rate storyteller, has written a poignant, hilarious, and an introspective deliciously entertaining story. One of the reasons I enjoy the author’s books is because she has a knack for exploring the correct issues for her age appropriate characters. The story makes good use of flashbacks to provide the necessary background information on Georgia so the reader is informed why she is yearning for a life change. The emotional and spiritual journey Georgia undertakes from being what others and society expects of her to what she wants for herself was honestly portrayed. I was cheering Georgia on to take a chance on finding durable love.

A zany cast of secondary characters adds the richness of the storyline. Readers who have older parents will relate to Georgia’s eighty-one-year-old mother and her practical romance antics. While trying to plan out her life, Georgia learns to loosen the reins on her expectations of how her grown daughters should conduct their lives. And with Georgia’s BFFs the author shows off her uncanny ear for writing female friendship conversations. The ambience of San Francisco shines throughout the story.

I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT YOU is a witty and compassionate tale of a woman learning the lesson to not forget about herself and the joyful pleasure of taking the worthwhile chances. I recommend this book to readers who enjoy women stories with multigenerational characters.

1st October 2016 |