Review: If You Wife Only Knew
Kensington Dafina/Romance
January 2016
REVIEWER:  Beverly Jackson | RATING:  B
REVIEW: Kiara Eason has been married to Rashad for close to ten years and to family and friends, they have the perfect marriage. Yet, lately Kiara’s intuition is telling her that there is more to Rashad’s lack of attention in their lives inside and outside of the bedroom than being overworked. Kiara loves her husband and will do anything to save her marriage. Confronting Rashad on her unhappiness only causes more frustration when his behavior does not change. Rashad is having a difficult time meeting Kiara’s expectations, as his mistress, Alexis McNeil, who just happens to work for Kiara, becomes more demanding of his time and commitment. Kiara has secrets of her own as she finds satisfaction in the arms of a close male friend. But secrets have consequences Kiara, Rashad, nor Alexis anticipates. So who will make the next move?

Ms. Rax pulls the reader in with her wonderful storytelling and great pacing, as explosive secrets upend the characters’ world. I enjoyed how the story becomes complex as more characters were introduced with their own agendas to muddle the issues and throwing curves to the unsuspecting characters. Kiara strives to have the American Dream, if only her husband is more attentive to her and their son. Blinded by this quest, she does not see that her husband is a womanizer and I just wanted to shake her until she got some sense. Rashad is not a likable character as even he acknowledges he is selfish when in reality it is his immature behavior that sets off a chain of revenge moves. I am so waiting for Rashad to get his comeuppance. The flawed secondary characters cleverly serve to create havoc on each other as well as Kiara and Rashad. While I was engaged in the storyline I would have liked a little less of the same angst being visited again and again.

IF YOUR WIFE ONLY KNEW is the first book in The Love & Revenge Series trilogy. The emotions and betrayals run deep in this story as the characters express their vulnerability and hurt. This book is perfect for book clubs as the actions invites readers to figure out what they would do in the various situations. I commend the author in the building of tension and suspense and taking this book to a point where I am clamoring for the next book.

I recommend this book to fans of Cydney Rax and readers who enjoy storylines with a dramatic flair.

10th January 2016 |