Review: Love And A Latte
Harlequin Kimani Romance

July 2016
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Jaime Pope offers the second installment in The Draysons: Sprinkled with Love series, Seattle-style.  In this episode, Chase Drayson, the numbers guy, realizes there is more to life than profit and loss statements. He takes a leave of absence from his corporate job to partner with his sister, Mariah, and brother, Jackson, to open a bakery.  Chase is wealthy and manages his money wisely.  If he dates, he prefers professional women in the same tax bracket who share his regimented outlook on life.

Amber Bernard is a people person.  She has a bubbly, colorful personality, a flirty smile and a quick wit.  She works in the coffee cafe that was added to the bakery as a result of Mariah’s personal and professional partnership with a coffee mogul.  Their story was detailed in

The new Drayson bakery is thriving, but Chase is consumed with how to increase profits and beat the competition. Amber observes that he is all work and no play and decides to show him life is more than just crunching numbers.  Ironically, Amber criticizes Chase for his work ethic, but she is just as dedicated, pursuing a graduate degree while working full-time and mentoring young girls. What begins as friendly banter to loosen up a handsome stick-in-the-mud turns into more than Amber anticipates and is prepared to handle.  Chase is a workaholic, but behind that façade is an intense man with tons of passion to share with the right woman.

Seattle, Washington is a world center for coffee roasting and the perfect setting for
LOVE AND LATTEThis novel is a wonderful compliment to the Draysons Sprinkled with Love series.  Amber and Chase are polar opposites but manage to create a relationship built on mutual admiration. They are complex characters that steal your heart and evoke laughter with their humorous exchanges. Other characters impacting the story include their respective parents and Chase’s siblings.

LOVE AND LATTE held my attention from start to finish. I savored each page not wanting it to end. Each novel in this series is written by a different author, but they manage to achieve a consistent tone and a seamless style. I recommend this steamy coffee laden romance that will warm your heart. Quintessential playboy, Jackson, is the last unattached Drayson and his story is up next.

11th September 2016 |