Review: Love At Last
LOVE AT LAST - Sharon C. Cooper
Amaris Publishing
December 2016
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell| RATING:  A
REVIEW: LOVE AT LAST (A Jenkins Family Christmas) presents another glance into the life of a Jenkins family member. This time author, Sharon C. Cooper, features Carolyn Jenkins, the mother of Martina who is featured in NEGOTIATING FOR LOVE (Jenkins Family Series 4). No, Carolyn is not one of the Jenkins’ women who help operate the family construction company. Carolyn is a bartender, but like the Jenkins’ women of previous books, she is self-confident and free-spirited. It’s Christmas time in Cincinnati, Ohio, hometown of the Jenkins’ clan, and as the story opens, Carolyn is dreading spending the holidays alone. It’s the perfect opportunity for Carolyn’s son-in-law to introduce her to Lincoln Richwood, a widower, who struggles with the idea of moving on with his life.

When Carolyn and Lincoln first meet, neither one can deny that they are attracted to each. Lincoln can’t believe his good fortune, but as he learns more about Carolyn’s background, there is a nagging problem that Lincoln just can not ignore. This is not only a story of two mature adults who are lucky enough to grasp another chance at love and happiness, but the storyline also conveys the opposites attract theme. The author does a great job in depicting both the heroine and the hero as vulnerable and flawed characters. I won’t reveal the ‘problem’ that has the potential to destroy their relationship; you have to read the story for that. I will say, however, that this story is about love, letting go, and family.

Speaking of family, the Jenkins’ family is present in full force. You can believe that they do not hesitate in expressing their opinion about the romance brewing between our heroine and hero. If you are familiar with this series, you are already acquainted with many of the secondary characters. If you have not, there are six books, prior to this one, that are waiting for your reading pleasure.

LOVE AT LAST was an enjoyable story, and I recommend it. You can read it as a stand alone, but you will miss out on the other great reads about this impressive family.

20th December 2016 |