Review: Tell No Lies
Byrdwatchers Publishing
January 2016
REVIEWER:   Beverly Jackson| RATING:  C
REVIEW: The unbelievable has happened. Quentin Hinton, self-proclaimed ladies’ man, is getting married. The Hinton and King men have gathered to throw Quentin, the bachelor party of the century at his exclusive gentlemen’s club, The Dollhouse - Atlanta. With Quentin being missing from his own party, doubts begin to surface if the wedding is actually going to take place. His older brother assures his cousins that, this is for real as Quentin is in love. So what is the story behind this love match as the future bride is known to curse the ground Quentin walks on?

Ms. Byrd has penned a fast-paced twisty meandering tale that will fascinate and frustrate both fans and newcomers. The enjoyment of this book is the mad-cap adventure between Quentin and the bride. The author uses her trademark humor and lively (and often sexy) banter to keep the reader engaged. A slew of secondary characters overwhelmed me at times, but there are several I would like to see again in future books. Since this is Quentin’s back-story, the revelations and secrets are the fodder for the family, relationship and business conflicts to bring emotional depth and tension for Jonah to reexamine his heart and apologize for past behaviors. Repetitive information and better editing would have provided for a smoother read. Fans will delight in learning if their guesses about Quentin’s past are correct. Overall, this was an entertaining read and the cliffhanger ending that caught me by surprise left me with my mouth hanging open.

MY UNBROKEN HEART is the first book in The UnForgettable Hinton series. As the kinks for a first book in a series are over, I look forward to reading future books in the series as other sexy arrogant Hinton find their happily-ever-after and to find where the cliffhanger will take Quentin.

24th April 2016 |