Review: Passion Play
PASSION PLAY - Regina Hart
Harlequin Kimani/Romance

January 2016
REVIEWER:   Brenda Larnell | RATING:  B
REVIEW: The Anderson Family series continues with the story of Rose Beharie, the oldest Beharie sister and Donovan Carroll. Although Donovan (aka Van) is not related to the Andersons by blood, they consider him a member of the family. Their story takes place in Columbus, Ohio, home of Anderson Adventures where Donovan is the VP of sales. Van also serves as president of the board of directors of a homeless shelter in Columbus. The heroine, Rose, is a partner in a prestigious law firm in Columbus, and Donovan is in need of a lawyer to represent the shelter; pro bono of course. On the other hand, Rose is in need of a fake boyfriend to accompany her to her ten-year reunion where her cheating ex-fiancé and his present wife will also be attending. Regina Hart does an excellent job in setting up the main conflict of the story, and minor characters who are actively engaged in the hero and heroine’s dilemma.

The storyline unfolds at an adequate pace, and we discover there are also some underlying problems that our couple must deal with. Donovan has some issues he must disclose if he and Rose are to have a real relationship and not a fake one. Likewise, Rose must come clean with her feelings about being jilted by her ex, and her inner struggles with self-esteem. The side characters, the Anderson men, and the Beharie sisters who first appeared in
THE LOVE GAME, offer advice and shoulders to lean on as Rose and Van navigate their way to a ‘real’ relationship.

From the beginning pages of the story Rose’s main objective is to seek the ultimate revenge of a jilted lover. She is going to show Ben Shippley that she is over him, and all the hurt and anger that he caused,  by arriving at her reunion with a man on her arm. Enter, Donovan Carroll. I couldn’t wait to see how this played out. The subplot was neatly resolved when Donovan was able to thwart a threat to the shelter with Rose’s pro bono legal help. However, there is no resolution for the reunion showdown between Rose and Ben. What happened? So much space and dialogue centers around Ben and his dastardly behavior, but we never meet him, except through a brief telephone call. The reunion showdown is dropped, even though Rose and Donovan are there. An Epilogue would have been in order here.

I liked
PASSION PLAY despite the absence of the reunion meeting with Rose’s ex. I still recommend it.

4th January 2016 |