Review: Places In My Heart
PLACES IN MY HEART - Sheryl Lister
Harlequin Kimani Romance
October 2016
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: In Sheryl Lister’s latest novel, Places in My Heart, (The Grays of Los Angeles) a sports agent may win big or lose it all by falling in love with her first high profile client.

Attorney Morgan Gray enjoys corporate law but her true passion is being a sports agent. When football superstar, Omar Drummond, approaches Morgan to take over as his agent; she cannot believe her luck. Working with Omar is the perfect opportunity Morgan needs except for one predicament; their instant attraction. While Omar sees no problem in Morgan’s ability to negotiate his new contract while they are dating; Morgan fears the sport industry will not take her seriously if she dates a client. Walking away from her feelings for Omar is not an option but Morgan is troubled whether she can mix business with pleasure and still come out a winner.

Places in My Heart progresses at the perfect pace for romance, transitioning between the storylines surrounding the main and secondary characters; overall, keeping the story interesting and entertaining.

Omar Drummond presents an intriguing character because, while he comes across as cocky and confident, he is also grounded. Having a family member with mental problems Omar cannot solve; despite his wealth, provides a constant reality check. Morgan Gray is a good fit for Omar because she is beautiful, assertive and knows what she wants. It is apparent Omar and Morgan’s romantic relationship is bolstered by a friendship based on mutual interests.  Other characters from Lister’s previous novel,
TENDER KISSES, give the novel and the reoccurring characters a welcomed sense of continuity.

The communication throughout
Places in My Heart is engaging and contemporary. Each character’s tone matches the image created by the author.  Omar and Morgan exchanges are vivid, playful and heated. It is clear from the onset that while business brought them together; love would solidify their bond. Pure chemistry exudes between Omar and Morgan and their capitulation is inevitable.

I enjoy novels that bring the real world into their stories. Tackling PTSD gives realism to the plot and portraying three-dimensional characters with depth and real-life emotions. The issue humanizes everyone affected regardless of socio-economic background. The title,
PLACES IN MY HEART, is made clear after comprehending Omar’s initial reluctance to trust love again after a disastrous first attempt. However, due to Morgan’s loving and genuine nature, all the places in Omar’s heart he purposely “closed off were starting to open, one room at a time.”  PLACES IN MY HEART also applies to Morgan as she harbors misgivings about athletes because of a former cheating ex who was also professional athlete. This is truly a good follow up to TENDER KISSES.

1st November 2016 |