Review: Return To Passion
RETURN TO PASSION - Carla Buchanan
Harlequin Kimani Romance
July 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: Author Carla Buchanan takes a familiar theme of small town girl makes good in the big city and gives it a slightly different twist that delivers a delightful contemporary romance. Fairdell, Georgia, the setting for this story, is a small southern Bible-belt town where everybody knows your business, and there is no such thing as a secret. The heroine, Camille Ryan manages to escape Fairdell with her secret intact, and settles in the Big Apple far away from the place where everybody knows your name and your business.

When Camille leaves Fairdell, she also leaves behind her teenage love, Remington (Remi) Krane, and her father, Reese Ryan. It is her father’s health crisis that is the catalyst that causes Camille to return to Fairdell. She returns with a plan to avoid Remi as much as possible, stay until her father can care for himself, and get out of Fairdell before anyone finds out what she actually does for a living. That’s the plan, but the best-laid plans usually go awry. Remi, the hero of this tale, is still in love with Camille and he is determined that he will never lose her again. He does not need her to protect him from the gossip mill, nor does he care about “the secret” interfering with his future career plan.  The chemistry between these two lovers is sizzling to the point that Camille’s plans fizzle into an after thought. Will Camille and Remi have their “happy ever after” in spite of her “little secret”? Exactly what is this secret that Camille is harboring?

The minor characters are memorable. There is Camille’s father, Reese Ryan, who loves his daughter to the moon and back, and doesn’t hesitate to let everybody know it. Camille’s best friend, Charlie Charleston, is Camille’s protector and guardian of her secret. Remington’s  Grandfather, Frederick Krane, is a long time Deacon of his church who, at first, opposes his grandson’s choice of a future wife. These characters and more help to add drama to the storyline.

I enjoyed reading
RETURN TO PASSION, and I recommend this contemporary romance story.

15th November 2016 |