Review:  Someone To Hold
SOMEONE TO HOLD - Deatri King-Bey
Romance Management Inc.
JULY 2016
Brenda Larnell |  Rating: A
REVIEW: Jordan Smith, the heroine of this story, is most definitely a Boss. She built her own multi-million-dollar company instead of joining the family business. At work at the family business, and hoping to move up to CEO is the handsome and sexy, Senior VP Evan Locke, the hero. However, he and Jordan are aiming for the same position, when Jordan is asked by her mother, a Boss in her own right, to come home and eventually take the reigns of Smith Enterprises. Home is Chicago, Illinois, and the setting couldn’t be more perfect for this contemporary story.

Although working at the family business that her mother heads will mean a demotion in status, Jordan accepts the challenge to be a VP instead of the boss. At her mother’s suggestion, Jordan does not reveal her identity. Jordan has no qualms about her ability and business acumen, however, in order to prevent infighting that could hurt the company, she agrees with her mother’s suggestion. Annette Smith, Jordan’s mother, is the present CEO of Smith Enterprises, and a force to be reckoned with. Evan and Jordan meet as neighbors living in the same building. Coincidence? There is an instant attraction which takes them both by surprise. Of course, they have no idea of each other’s identity when they meet, but what they do know is that they belong together. Jordan and Evan waste no time in taking their feelings for each other to the next sensuous and hot level.

The minor characters include Monica, Jordan’s younger sister who is the ultimate over the top rich little well-meaning busy body. There are also Evan’s grown son and daughter whose relationship with their father is shaky at best. Last, but not least is Annette, Jordan’s mother, who by some standards can be described as manipulative. I’ll let you be the judge.

What happens when Jordan and Evan discover that they are up for the same top position? How can this dilemma be resolved without ending their budding romance? Is their love worth fighting for? Will Evan’s son and daughter see their father as more than a paycheck?  The author,
Deatri, King-Bey, cleverly answers all of these questions, as you will discover when you read SOMEONE TO HOLD. It’s also a great addition to an exceptional series of hot short stories. I recommend it.

3rd July 2016 |