Review: Something Old
Maroon Ash Publishing
April 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: SOMETHING OLD is set in the small mountain town of Cedar Bend, Virginia, where everybody knows your name and your business. As the story opens, the heroine, Zamya “Mya” Daniels is traveling home to Cedar Bend after a two-year stay in London. There is a feeling of anxiety mixed with anxiousness as she gets closer to home. Anxiousness, because she will be closer to coming face to face with the hero, Guy Lawson, sheriff of Cedar Bend and her husband. Anxiety, because their parting two years ago was not amiable. To top it off, Mya gets stopped for speeding. Needless to say, it’s not the homecoming that she had planned!

Mya and Guy have a lot of “old business” that they need to face and straighten out. This story centers around the themes of forgiveness, second chances, and overcoming past hurts. It’s not an easy fix, especially when the chemistry between Mya and Guy is still present and blazing in spite of Mya’s two-year absence. Will their “old” feelings for one another be enough to help them move forward together? It’s complicated, indeed, and it makes for a good romantic tale. The character who serves as the voice of reason is Guy’s mother, Gloria, who ironically has a very good relationship with Mya, even though she is the one who left. There’s an interesting side story that involves Guy, the Mayor and his daughter, but I’ll let you discover how that little scenario plays out.

I enjoyed this story, and I think you will, too. Lena Hart weaves a delightful story of love renewed. This is the first book in
The Brides of Cedar Bend series, so I wonder who will be next. Stay tuned for book two.

20th April 2016 |