Review:  Tender Kisses
Harlequin Kimani Romance
APRIL 2016
Susan Plummer |  Rating: A
REVIEW: A broken heart can lose its ability to believe in love until the perfect person comes along to heal it.

PR exec, Siobhan Gray has been conned by two exes and now her defenses are impenetrable. No man will ever use her again as the key to the Gray’s Home Safety Empire. Inventor and self-made millionaire, Justin Cartwright is aware having money attracts fortune-hunters. He avoids relationships because the women who want to be on his arm also want to get to his pockets. Justin remains staunchly focused on bringing his latest invention to market. Siobhan and Justin’s paths cross at an industry event and they are temporarily sidetracked from their single-mindedness. Justin’s opportunity to cinch a second meeting with Siobhan takes priority over meeting the CEO of the company he wants to partner with.  Siobhan’s finds her guard lowered enough to hint at seeing Justin again. It doesn’t take long for Siobhan and Justin to develop a connection built on love; if not trust. Old mistrusts resurface when Siobhan discovers Justin’s interest in her company and she wonders whether Justin used her to pave the way. Justin is affronted by Siobhan’s belief of his intentions. He can choose to stay angry and walk away from something meaningful or prove to Siobhan the measure of a man he truly is.

TENDER KISSES is immediately engaging and one is caught up in the tentative dance between Siobhan and Justin. Siobhan is a shrewd business woman but missteps in her personal life leave her questioning her judgement.  Being vulnerable makes her relatable to anyone who has ever found themselves plagued by inadequacies in any part of their life. Justin is a developer and who markets his products and while professionally, he is open and approachable; emotionally he is closed-off. Both have hang-ups about money and how it corrupts. Both are passionate about what they do. Confronting their trust issues could lead to a potentially great future together.

Siobhan’s first exchange with Justin vacillates between reserved and rude as she believes he is just another opportunist. A lesser man than Justin would have tucked his tail and slinked away.  As fate would have it, Justin is dogged when he wants something. This attribute is what leads to the comfortable rapport and easy relationship which develops. Even while keeping secrets from each other, the caring and passion they feel cannot hide.

Lister consistently delivers on engaging stories that transport you into the lives of the characters and
TENDER KISSES is another page-turner.

22nd June 2016 |