Review: This Is True Love
THIS IS TRUE LOVE - Jamie Wesley
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January 2016
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: HOLLYWOOD, where dreams of stardom can come true, is the setting for this contemporary romance. It’s very appropriate because the heroine of the story, Felicity “Fliss” Chambers is an A-list actress, and the hero, Alex Graham, is co-owner of a successful production company with the heroine’s husband until a highly publicized divorce leaves Felicity with her ex’s share of the company. Problem? You betcha. Alex is the proverbial last man to know about the change, and he is not a happy camper.

Felicity, by way of a divorce settlement, has become a partner in a production company that Alex has worked hard to develop into a competitive successful business. He’s done this with very little help from his ex-partner who is not only a successful actor in his own right, but Alex’s oldest and best friend. Besides a messy divorce and a change in top management, there are several extensive conflicts that propel the storyline. The first and most obvious one is the quest to obtain the rights to a deceased popular entertainer’s story that her widower husband owns. It will be quite the boon for the production company. Can Alex and Felicity put the past behind them, ex-husband, ex-partner, and work together for the future of the agency? Secondly, there is mad chemistry that almost explodes every time Felicity and Alex are together. How will this new power couple handle their growing feelings for each other; feelings that are intense and escalating? Third, Alex has some issues stemming from his childhood that create the proverbial ‘thorn in his side’ forming a barrier between he and Felicity. Fourth, Felicity has her own issues to contend with that revolve around the reason she divorces her movie star husband, and her childhood upbringing. Yes, it gets complicated, but these points drive the storyline and intersect at just the right time for a resolution.

The minor characters are fringe players, except for two.  Keith, Alex’s longtime friend and Felicity’s ex, makes a stellar appearance that shakes things up quite a bit. Alex’s Dad also creates a memorable scene that gives the readers insightful revelations about the hero’s childhood. The dialogue is contemporary and aides in moving the plot.

I liked this story. Author, Jamie Wesley successfully presents a different perspective of the Hollywood scene.
THIS IS TRUE LOVE is a good read, and I recommend it.

1st October 2016 |