Review:  Tonight
TONIGHT - Nana Malone & Sienna Mynx
Harlequin Kimani Romance
April 2016
REVIEWER:  Shirley Flemming | RATING:  B
REVIEW: City of Sin (B) by Nana Malone.  Synthia Michaels and Tristan Dawson appear to dislike each other on the surface.  Ever since Tristan started working for Stellar Reach as a market analyst, they’d been at odds with each other. The general consensus around the office is that they can’t stand each other. Forced to work on a major account together, these two find out that there is a fine line between love and lust.  What is supposed to be a work weekend in Vegas turns out to be a passion-filled weekend with a little work thrown in. Passion ignites between Synthia and Tristan and takes on a life of its own. So what happens in Vegas can’t possible stay there. Once that genie is out of the bottle there’s no putting it back.  What was supposed to be a weekend affair has them both hoping it can turn into a lifetime of love.

This is my first novel by Ms. Malone and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  She created two people from two very different backgrounds and placed them together in the same working environment.  Having two talented market analysts butt heads on a daily basis will keep you stimulated with every page you turn. Synthia works hard and has good work ethics.  She is resentful because she feels as though Tristan's good looks always give him an unfair advantage. Trust me when I say these two provide plenty of fireworks that spill over into the bedroom. Fans of adversaries becoming lovers will enjoy this story.

Shipwrecked (B) by Sienna Mynx. After sharing a kiss at their siblings wedding, Deja Jones and Jon Hendrix are still feeling the effects two years later. They had only seen each other twice since, and that was at family functions hosted by Deja’s sister, Deanna. Both times Deja made sure there was no contact or conversation between them. An anniversary celebration brings them together again, which just happens to be on Jon’s family private island and the memory of their passionate kiss two year ago is in the forefront of Deja’s mind. When a boating accident strands them together, they can no longer resist the attraction sizzling between them.  They spend one explosive night together that neither one can forget.

Ms. Minx has written a short, yet potent love story.  From the moment Jon spilled champagne on her dress at their siblings wedding, Deja had him pegged as a rich, careless playboy who only cares about himself.  The media portrayed him as a rich jetsetter and she wants no part of him. In her opinion, jackasses come in all income brackets. Jon is attracted to the beauty with the killer body and can’t believe she would snub him.  He is used to women fawning all over him.  Even though Jon and Deja come with their own set of issues, they were perfect for each other. Interracial relationships are part of the progressive age we live in and I think the author did a good job bringing these two together. I’m going to add Ms. Mynx to my list of authors to read.

The two talented authors in
TONIGHT created two sizzling romances with their own unique writing style. Two good reads in one book. I look forward to reading more from them.

15th May 2016 |