Review:  Uncover Me
UNCOVER ME - Wayne Jordan
Romance Management Inc.
September 2016
Brenda Larnell |  Rating: A
REVIEW: The struggles and joys of a widower raising twin sons who finally admits (with the help of his mother) that he needs help is the basic premise of this delightful, contemporary, and sexy story, UNCOVER ME by Wayne Jordan.

The hero, Trey Martin and the heroine, Shannon Robinson are two well-educated adults who lead busy lives; Trey as a successful architect who heads his own company, and Shannon as a recent graduate with a Master’s Degree in Education.  They are instantly attracted to each other when they coincidentally meet in a park. Although Shannon has just been interviewed by Trey’s mother for the position of nanny to Trey’s twin sons, neither of them knows each other. After this initial meeting, the storyline moves rapidly as Trey and Shannon begin to date, develop a relationship, all while Shannon accepts the position as nanny to Trey’s sons, Sean and Paul. There is one hitch, however, in this budding romance between Trey and Shannon that could ruin everything, but I won’t spoil it for you.

There are very few minor characters who are presented. The most dynamic side character is Delores, Trey’s match-maker mother and wise advisor. There is also Denzel, Trey’s partner, who takes on a minor role as friend and confident, and of course, the precocious twins. In addition, there are retrospective moments and a serious event that occur in the story that call for some much needed introspection and “uncovering” by the hero.

Wayne Jordan’s storytelling is crisp with engaging characters. All the romantic elements are present that help to undergird this sweet love story. I enjoyed it, and it is indeed a super “I’m back” statement by the author after a lengthy hiatus. UNCOVER ME is a must get read; I recommend it!

3rd July 2016 |