Review: Untamed Love
UNTAMED LOVE - Linsday Evans
Harlequin Kimani Romance
February 2016
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Mella Davis gets more than she expected when she wins a bid at a charity auction. Winning the complimentary services from landscape architect Victor Raphael puts Mella in direct contact with the brooding bachelor. The instant attraction throws her because she is not into relationships. And the fact that Victor doesn’t appears to feel the same should be a turn-off.  But whenever he’s near, Mella can’t keep her eyes off him.  Even though Victor is attracted to Mella, he is under the impression that his best friend is interested in her, therefore, he tries to keep his distance. But when he finds out that’s not the case, that small crack around his heart widens a little more and Mella slips right in. Mella and Victor have more in common than they realize. But when a revelation comes to light involving Mella’s cousin, it has the potential to tear them apart. But maybe they’ll be able to overcome that obstacle and build a lifetime of love.

Mella is a successful entrepreneur who lost her parents when she was very young. A tragedy that shapes the rest of her life. Although she has a great zest for life, underneath Mella is still that frightened little girl who lost her parents to a drunk driver. As a result, Mella is afraid to form a lasting romantic relationship for fear of being left behind again.

Victor is a landscape architect who appears to be totally unaffected by women. His calm control is the product of a broken heart by a former love.  He can be difficult and rarely comes out of his comfort zone. When a new love comes into his life, will she be able to bring light and warmth back into his dark world or will he fight his feelings and allow her to slip through his fingers?

UNTAMED LOVE is a very enjoyable read. The pacing is good and the story seems to flow from one page to page. It has strong characters with challenging personalities. Mella and Victor are like two halves of the same coin.  Both of them are broken inside because of past tragedies but are able to cope with everyday life in their own way. These two characters have no interest in love but manage to fall in love with each other.  Their attraction is strong and will not be denied.  Ms. Evans brings these two opposite and troubled souls together and makee them whole again. Good writing with good characters you will fall in love with. She also shows the reader in great details how Mella and Victor navigate through their troubled pasts and overcome their demons. This book has some great secondary characters and hopefully we’ll be reading their stories in the very near future.

27th March 2016 |