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1.  What made you want to become a writer?

I grew up the daughter of a librarian, in a house full of bibliophiles.  Also, I have a deep and abiding affection for the written word. The next  natural step was penning a story of my own.

2.  Tell me a little bit about RULES OF ENGAGEMENT?

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT is a romantic suspense tale of Raleigh, a brilliant spy sent to recover stolen environmental technology.  Her partner for the mission is Adam, a former love who believes she betrayed him.  Unfortunately, to get inside and save the world, they must pose as lovers.  As they struggle to stop the terrorist plot, they also uncover the mystery of love.

3.  Besides writing what do you like to do?

In addition to writing novels, I also write policy articles and political commentary.  I'm an avid reader.  I am addicted to Orson Scott Card, Colson Whitehead, Nora Roberts, the classics and Harry Potter.  I also watch television voraciously.  Occasionally, I go outside.  To go to the movies.

4.  Are you a full-time writer?

No.  My day job is as a tax attorney.  I also work with nonprofit organizations and dabble in political organizing.

5.  Tell us a bit about your journey to publication?

My first published pieces were op-eds and policy articles, but I've always written fiction and poetry.  When a friend told me about his chemistry research, I had the idea for Rules of Engagement. I drafted the first three chapters, sent them off with a query letter, and received a request for the full manuscript.  I finished the novel and a few months later, I had a contract.  A bit of a fairy tale, but true.

6.  What's next for Selena Montgomery?

Raleigh's best friend Alex will have her own novel, The Art of Desire, scheduled for publication in January 2002.  She's running from love, and he's hiding from danger.

7.  Any special message for the aspiring author?

My best recommendation is to have fun.  A trite edict, I know, but quite apt.  I wrote my novel while in law school, as an escape from Con Law and Corporations.  Although it was slow going at times, the best writing came when I let myself imagine and play.  On a more technical note, I recommend three practices:  (1) Script out your plot, (2) Re-read writers you enjoy, (3)Give yourself permission to try something new.  Rules isn't your traditional romance novel, and it still made the shelves.

8.  How can readers contact you?

I would love to hear from readers and aspiring authors at I can also be reached at P.O. Box 77771,
Atlanta, Georgia 30357-1771. I promise to respond!

ROMANCE IN COLOR wishes Ms. Montgomery the greatest success!